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It's time to get learn the essentials of pregnancy exercise and pregnancy nutrition. The start learn to discover exactly what your core is and how to consciously connect to it.

  • Welcome & Pregnancy Exercise 101
  • Equipment for Success
  • Discover your Core beyond just Abs
  • The essentials of Pregnancy Nutrition

FIRST UP – Get Orientated

Here is a quick mini-walkthrough of what to expect, and how to get started now you are a member of my UPC family.

It’s similar to a college class.  Once the enrolment period is complete, everyone begins class together and I make myself 100% available to support you through our 6 stage success path. If my UPC program was open all the time, it would get complicated and overwhelming for all of us !

You received your login and password to access us right here in private members’ area of my website as soon as you registered.

Make sure you save your log in details in a safe place

Now you are here

  1. Watch this quick orientation video so you understand how to navigate the tech side of the course.
  2.  Each module will be delivered to you via video here in our private members’ area, with PDF workbooks, resources for you to download. Plus keep your eye out for a few extra little bonuses !
  3. While we are waiting for others to join our class, during our Welcome Week you have time to get orientated around the program, get organised with the Nutrition part of our program called Kitchen Core plus find out what Equipment you might need. So check out the lessons currently available.
  4. Remaining Modules are unlocked as the course progresses
  5. Kitchen Core : Meal Plans, Recipes and Shopping lists are also delivered to you weekly each Friday. This will allow you time no the weekend to shop and make any adjustments to your meal plans as required.

Any questions don't forget to reach out in our UPC Facebook Community

I can wait to get to know you



1.1 Welcome & Pregnancy Exercise 101

Now that you are pregnant have you ever wondered…

  • Can I continue with my regular workout program?
  • Do my goals need to change?
  • How should I modify exercises and daily movements to accommodate my pregnant and postpartum body?

Good news ! In my Ultimate Pregnant Core program you will learn ALL the answers. Plus, if you still have any questions I will be right here to guide you in our weekly live sessions Private Facebook Sessions

Firstly it's time to learn about my Bodyfabulous Philosophy and the foundations of Pregnancy Exercise - watch the video and download the notes.

1.2 Equipment For Success

During our Ultimate Core Program, you will see me use different items of equipment as core training does involve some strength or resistance training. That is why I will sometimes use some props or equipment to assist with this. You don’t need to rush out and purchase all of these, most of the exercises in our program can be done with bodyweight only or using similar household items !

Find out in the video and notes what I use and where you can purchase it.

1.3 You Can’t See the Core of a Whole Apple

Did you know, your six pack muscles (more correctly termed the Rectus Abdominis or RA) is not technically your core. Also the two layers of obliques underneath this – they are also part of a “superficial core”.

Think about the core of an apple – you can’t see it when it is whole.

The apple core is found in the inner, deeper part of an apple. It’s the same with our abdomen and where are deep core muscles are found.

Discover your core beyond just abs and how to connect to it - watch the video and download the notes.

Make sure you connect in our UPC Facebook Community when you have done this.

1.4 Motivating & Goal Setting for Fabulous You

It's time to set some goals, get motivated and ensure you stay accountable as you journey through this course. Remember consistency is key and these tools will help you !

1.5 Conscious Core Breath Connections

Learning the mechanics of breathing and how it is impacted by pregnancy we can then use simple strategies to maximise your pregnancy wellness, healing after birth and protect your pelvic floor during exercise. 

1.6 Connect to your Pelvic Floor

Are you struggling to know exactly WHAT pelvic floor exercises you should be doing? Did you know only 1 in 4 women know how to engage their pelvic floor correctly ?

Let's debunk some myths and learn some truths.

1.7 Safe Stretch and Release

A common misconception when you're pregnant is that "slow down" means stop. You can still exercise and stretch safely, with modifications. It is important you tune into your energy levels as every day you wake up with a different body during pregnancy. This means gentle light movements such as stretching, and breathing will be better for you if you are exhausted or depleted. Trust what your body is telling you !

Let's stretch and also learn about the importance of your parasympathetic nervous system for pregnancy and early motherhood.

Mod 1 BONUS : What is a Prolapse ? Interview with Fitness Professional Christine Percy

50% of postpartum women are likely to have a Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) at some point in their lives. 

Many women who experience prolapse often don’t realise it, or others notice a drop or something not feeling quite right down there.

Fitness professionals are the leaders for health and well-being. They are on the stage with a mic or on the gym floor motivating us, they are the voice pushing us to achieve physical feats that we perhaps did not think possible. Sure, they are just at risk as other mere mortals of injury.

But have you ever heard a Personal Trainer, Gym Class instructor or Professional Athlete explain that they can’t lift heavy weights, or participate in a full workout session because they have pelvic floor issues?

Age and your fitness level does NOT make you immune to prolapse.

“Being a Fit Pro doesn’t give you a special ‘get out of jail free’ injury card. We are only human. But I did have to become very brave, because when my prolapse was diagnosed I felt embarrassed, disgusted, and asked ‘why me?’  But it is liberating to not hide anymore and I now believe that women find it comforting to hear my story and realise that they are not alone and with help a journey through exercise can continue.”

I am so excited to share this important interview with fellow Fitness Professional Christine Percy. Who share’s her story about prolapse.

Watch it now and download your bonus notes to get all the facts about POP (Pelvic Organ Prolapse)

WEEK 1 Kitchen Core – The Essentials of Pregnancy Nutrition

Created by Registered Nutritionist and Naturopath Georgia Marrion, the Kitchen Core program  provides you with the nutritional building blocks to support the optimal health of both you and your growing baby for during and after pregnancy.

The philosophy underpinning The Kitchen Core program is eating real, whole, nutritionally dense food that nourishes both you and your baby during this precious time in your life.

9 Lessons


Discover empowering education and exercises for you to start learning why pregnancy is the BEST time to train your core and how to BREATH your way to a better core.

WEEK 2 Kitchen Core

Created by Registered Nutritionist and Naturopath Georgia Marrion, the Kitchen Core program  provides you with the nutritional building blocks to support the optimal health of both you and your growing baby for during and after pregnancy.

Here are your WEEK 2 - Meal Plans, Recipes and Shopping Lists

Plus in case you missed it the Live Interview with Georgia answering your questions and advising the best ways to get the most out of this nutrition program.

Any questions - post them in our UPC Facebook Community here. Georgia will answer them

2.1 What is the Core Toblerone ?

Welcome to Module 2 : Core Foundations

Let's chat about Core Do's and Don't plus find out what I mean by the "Core Toblerone" 

Watch the video and download your notes.

Don't forget to reach out in our UPC Facebook Community with any questions.

2.2 The FAB 4 CORE – Ultimate Core Synergy

Your core is made up of the four abdominal muscle groups, two long muscle groups in your back, along your spine, and the pelvic floor. This is what I call the FAB 4 CORE

The main difference between your core and your abs (or rectus abdominal muscles), is that the core covers all the muscles in the abdominal area that are responsible for functional strength and stabilizing.

Let's learn more about this and the best way's to activate your FAB 4 CORE !

2.3 Posture Tonic – upper spine training to help your core

There is a collection of muscles in the body known as ‘tonic’ muscles. These muscles or stabilisers are responsible for keeping us upright and balanced, and in a pregnant woman these tonic muscles will be working harder than usual to accommodate for the growing baby.

As muscles tend to work in pairs, when these muscles tighten, they will be weakening others causing imbalances throughout the body.

This workout is going to help your tonic muscles, by improving your posture and core and help prevent the dreaded "postpartum pooch"

Watch your video and download the notes to learn exactly how.

Remember to use your daily action planner from Module 1 to help keep you motivated and moving. Take a pic and share it in our UPC Facebook Community so we can celebrate you and you can inspire others. 


Mod 2 BONUS : Lying on your back during Pregnancy

A safe, effective and appropriate exercise is the all-important focus of all the training I do at Bodyfabulous fitness. Choosing sensible exercise is vital to a healthy and comfortable pregnancy, delivery and post pregnancy outcome.

So, let’s clarify some of the myths and “old wives’ tales” you might have heard surrounding exercise during pregnancy including - about lying on your back during pregnancy.

Watch the BONUS video then download the BONUS NOTES about 5 Pregnancy Myths


  • What pregnancy myths have you been told during your pregnancy journey ?
  • Or are you concerned by something you have heard?

 Share these now in our UPC Facebook Community ?



2.4 Connect & activate your side Core

In today’s lesson I have provided you with a safe alternative to planks, which includes activating your side core together with strengthening your glutes.

This workout is all about ultimate core synergy. You side core will be deeply activated by movement and breath, this is then combined with leg moves. So ultimately your deep core is stablised plus an improvement in strength of your legs and glutes occurs to protect your lower back and hips !

Can you see and feel how it is all starting to come together as we move along our 6-step success path ?

p.s not sure why you should not be planking during pregnancy ? Make sure you download the notes with this lesson.

Any questions please reach out in our UPC Facebook Community.

2.5 Core Clam Combo Workout

  • Today’s  exercise is essential to activate and to train your core during and after pregnancy.
  • This movement is the foundation for ANY exercise program that improves overall core functioning from the pelvic floor right on up.
  • This movement appear easy...however actually mastering this move does take some time as it is a little counter intuitive to what you might normally do.
  • This movement will also becomes challenging or as I progress you to other exercises, as you enter the biggest workout of your life birth and recovery and then beyond when lifting heavy prams

WHY ? ….As it is always forgotten ! That is why I want you to give it 100% FOCUS NOW  as we progress into workouts that are a little more involved.

My goal is that breathing your way to a better core becomes truly integrated into the fabric of day-to-day movement (not only when working out). This practice will not only ensure better core activation and recovery, but is essential for a better birth, relaxation and overall health. Simply watch the video and get moving with your CORE BREATH COMBO WORKOUT - there are no notes with this lesson. But if you want to review your core breath connection - go back to Module 1, lesson 1.5

2.6 Arms, Compressions & Breath

Here's a fun workout that is a great alternative to planks that will safely train your core and help control your intra-abdominal pressure.

Mod 2 BONUS : Avoid & Manage Pelvic Pain

1 in 5 women suffer from pelvic pain and too often it is dismissed as "just lower back pain" learn the symptoms plus safe movement tips to help avoid and manage this common condition.

12 Lessons


Combining core breath with movement – you are ready for these dynamic total body workouts once you have completed the previous module Core Foundations

WEEK 3 Kitchen Core

HUNGRY ? Or looking for some variety with your meals ? Good news -  it's time for your week 3 UPC prenatal nutrition plan by Georgia Marrion our registered pregnancy nutritionist.

This week has some drool worthy meals..

  • Chocolate Zucchini Muffins (you can’t taste the zucchini, so this recipe is a keep as it is also perfect for toddlers
  • Beef Stroganoff – perfect if you are in the southern hemisphere where winter has definitely hit
  • Buddha Bowl – yep you know like the one's found in hipster cafe's ?
  • Lemon and Blueberry Pancakes – I am a big fan on breakfast so this is one of my favourites !

Check them out now - download your Meal Plan, Recipes and Shopping List.  Remember you can also substitute any items you like from Week 1 and 1 if you want.

Any nutrition questions - post them here.

Let's eat !

3.1 Core Movement Introduction

Welcome to CORE MOVEMENT here we will start some dynamic total-body workouts ! These workouts are going to help you feel more energised and will only take you 10 minutes. For many of my clients I find by week 3 or (set 3 in a traditional workout) is where fatigue, de-motivation and distraction often sets in. So now is the time to schedule in 10 minutes to learn some combined breath and body-weight exercises with motivating music !

3.2 The Essential Pregnancy Squat

Did you know research has proven that  the squat is one of the best full body compound exercises you can do and if done correctly squats also target your deep core muscles and pelvic floor !

Watch your workout video and download the notes to learn why.

3.3 Rotational Movement

An essential workout so you learn how to rotate safely and avoid back pain and core issues.

3.4 Fascia and Flow

No equipment needed except your mat to make some deep core fascia connections in this workout !

Mod 3 BONUS : The Mummy Squat

A special bonus TIP video - essential as you enter your later trimesters and it is hard to reach the ground if you drop something !

3.5 Safe Pregnancy Lunges

Let's learn to lunge safely and effectively for pregnancy and beyond. Combine this workout with the Mummy Squat BONUS as strong legs help prevent lower back and hip pain ! 

3.6 Cute Glutes Level 1 & Level 2

Cute glutes are a great way to protect your lower back during pregnancy and also helps activate your deep core. Learn how with 2 videos - level 1 and for level 2 you will need a theraband/mini band.

3.7 Dynamic Arms

All the "team players" are essential to support  the core. Let's start with a dynamic arm workout with the long resistance band.

3.8 Dynamic Arms and Legs

Let's combine some isolated and activation moves (like in today’s video) using both the arms and legs our "team players" that help support and activate the core. Combine this lesson with 3.7 for a full total body workout.

Mod 3 BONUS : Smoothie Recipe Book

Enjoy 13 delicious Pregnancy & Postpartum Smoothie recipes endorsed by Registered Prenatal Nutritionist Georgia Marrion

7 Lessons


Combine core breath with more movements/exercises, better alignment and posture. Try to do these interval based workouts 2-3 times per week for best results. 

  • Functional Interval Training – make sure you watch the first lesson's video so you understand the important science behind this form of training.
  • Core Combo Workouts – with lots of workout options for you ! Here you have a program sheet you can download to combine various workouts anywhere anytime. 
  • Safe and fun Core Cardio now that you have mastered the essential core foundations, it is now the time to learn some fun and dynamic cardio moves to help you get energised during your pregnancy.
  • Gut Health – this week's Kitchen Core has a big focus on delicious gut health recipes. This is important, as your digestion is related to your CORE health. These specialised prenatal  recipes are simple, delicious and also a fabulous way to boost your immunity during pregnancy and beyond !

WEEK 4 Kitchen Core

Your WEEK 4 meal plans, recipes and shopping list to nourish you and your baby are ready to download.

4.1 Introduction to Interval Training

Module 4 Core progressions. Watch the short video and then download your notes so you get the best out of interval training and core cardio in this module.

4.2 Bodyweight Interval Workout

Let's do an interval workout together ! All you need is a chair, a mat, a wall and you. 

4.3 Mat Workout Combo

This lesson combines a few of the workouts we have already done. A easy way to get a total body core workout and all you need is your mat !

4.4 Fitball Interval Workout + Bonus Interval Options

Grab your fitball and enjoy this fun and effective total body workout. Plus check out a variety of INTERVAL workout options in the notes.

4.5 Core Cardio Low Impact

Get energised with this low impact cardio workout - combined with your core breath you get a total body workout that also trains deep core !

Mod 4 BONUS : Band Clams for the Booty

You learned in our "cute glutes" lessons that  strong glutes help protect your lower back. Here is another workout that helps protect both your hips and lower back plus helps the booty !

7 Lessons


CORE CARDIO is a unique and effective cardio workout suitable for pregnancy postpartum and beyond using a medical grade fitball. 

The fitball is used stabilise and support the spine and pelvic floor while similtaneously activating the deep core muscles.

These fun and energising workouts to music are suitable for any trimester of pregnancy and postpartum with medical clearance to exercise.

Fabulous Fitball Tips – IMPORTANT

Before you get started with CORE CARDIO make sure you get set up safely and effectively on your medical grade fitball.

How to do CORE CARDIO on a Fitball

Learn the basic moves and steps so you can enjoy an energising and fun workout to music on the fitball with unique Bodyfabulous CORE CARDIO 


Use this workout to get energised and warmed up - have fun and enjoy the music while your core stablisers do all the work !


Enjoy this fun total body workout - safely and effectively train your arms, legs and deep core !

CORE CARDIO Balance & Stability

Balance and stability on a fitball is a fabulous way to improve your strength and fitness - try this workout !


Enjoy 24 snacks that will nourish you and your baby plus ensure you curb cravings !


Your WEEK 5 meal plans, recipes and shopping list to nourish you and your baby are ready to download.

12 Lessons

Module 6 : CORE STRONG

Learn safe and effective resistance-based techniques and workouts with weights and therabands to prevent pregnancy injuries and prepare for your birth marathon and the challenges of motherhood.

6.1 Why Lift Weights during Pregnancy ?

Watch this quick intro video and learn the importance of lifting weights during pregnancy plus grab the download for some tips on safe and effective resistance training.

6.2 Strong Arms and Supported Core

Let's get energised and moving with a weight workout to music. That uses your arms and simultaneously activates your core

6.3 Dynamic Legs

Grab you mini band for some dynamic resistance training for your legs !

6.5 Core Booty & Upper Body Combo

You are now ready for challenging booty + upper body express workout - let's do this !

6.6 Anywhere, Anytime CIRCUIT workout

No equipment ? No excuses...7 minutes is all you need for this super circuit workout for core connection and stamina for pregnancy and postpartum.

6.7 Woodchopper workout with Weights

Learn to lengthen and lift out of your pelvis then slowly and gently rotate with this workout. This can create a fabulous deep core connection and help to prevent – diastatis recti, abdominal tearing and lower back pain.

6.8 Posterior Strong to protect your back

The anterior / front weight (your baby) during pregnancy can cause strain in the posterior / back of your body. Learn a safe and effective way to strengthen your posterior chain with this workout.

6.9 Toned legs and arms - with pallof press & mini band

This is an awesome CORE workout - your core is working simultaneously as you use your arms with a pallof press and legs with mini-band

7.0 Pelvic Floor Recap

Don't forget to the foundation of your CORE your pelvic floor. Add this to the end of any of your other workouts.

NEW Mod 6 BONUS : Holiday Eating Navigating Nourishment

With all the delicious treats gracing the table, it can be overwhelming trying to navigate balanced nutrition over the festive season or while you are on holiday. And when you’re pregnant, you may also be concerned about food it ok to actually eat Christmas Ham and other festive foods ?

Watch the replay of my LIVE interview with Nutritionist Georgia Marrion and download your holiday eating cheat sheet

8 Lessons


Now it’s time to put everything you have learned into preparing for birth and motherhood.

7.1 A confident, capable connection for BIRTH & BEYOND

Let's begin our final module watch this brief introduction about the confident, capable core connection you have established for pregnancy, birth, recovery and beyond. Also download your notes as you will need these as you progress through the other lessons in the module.

7.2 The importance of positioning your baby BEFORE BIRTH

Watch this interview and download the notes for some important tools and strategies about positioning your baby before birth.

7.3 Birth MOVES

Practice these positions (including some with props) and breathing through them prior to the first stages of labour. Download the notes for some extra tips and strategies for your birth prep

7.4 Prepare to PUSH workout

When you finally reach the stage to PUSH during birth you have progressed through a marathon. These strategies and exercises are important to prepare for this important pinnacle - the moment before you get to meet your baby ! 

7.5 C-SECTION birth & recovery tips

Birth is birth no matter what way it happens ! Even if you plan to have a natural birth it is important you get informed and empowered about a c-section birth. Or if you have an elective c-section these strategies will help you.


Meditation during pregnancy important for reducing stress, feeling calm, and increasing physical and mental comfort. Download this meditation to get help with nausea, discomforts and any concerns you might have about your upcoming birth. 

BONUS - get your bag prepared and ready with a Hospital and Birth List


7.7 Birth FIT workout

Get birth fit empowered and energised using your fitball / birth ball with this birth workout - suitable for any trimester of pregnancy

Mod 7 BONUS - Labour-aid a drink for BIRTH

Just like any work-out you need to ensure you are properly hydrated for birth, this labour-aid drink is fantastic for sipping in between labour contractions or prior to your c-section. Grab the recipe and get prepared now !


8.1 Why you are POST NATAL FOREVER

Congratulations on the birth of your baby ! I want you to remember after birth that you are postnatal forever. This does not mean you are “helpless or hopeless” it just means that childbirth will change you both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Let's learn what CORE CONTINUUM means for life.

8.2 A SAFE RETURN TO EXERCISE - the Ultimate Postpartum Guidebook

Download this Ultimate Safe Return to Exercise Guidebook - including what you need to discuss with your care provider at your 6-8 week postpartum check up.

8.3 Gentle Exercises for FIRST 6 WEEKS POSTPARTUM

Start with these gentle movements that are safe to do in the first 6 weeks post birth - as long as you have no medical complications.

8.4 Essential Postpartum Exercises FROM 8 WEEKS ONWARDS

You have receive medical clearance from your care provide to return to exercise. Let's return to some of the workouts in our Ultimate Pregnant Core Program so you can get moving safely and effectively...even in your PJ's ! Simply roll out your mat and get moving.

8.5 When & How to PROGRESS to more intense exercise incl Running

Don’t ever think that you will never get a chance return to more intense exercise. You will !Just ensure you get empowered and tune into when your body is ready to do so.  Watch this video for some essential tips.